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Sorting of torrents. (Group for each tracker)


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When I'm using torrents from different trackers in utorrent, I'd like to have some grouping to make it easier to see what torrents is for each tracker.

I know Azureus have this feature.

That would be very nice :)

Edit:By the way, country flags should be changed for nextgentel.com users to norwegian :)

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That's what I miss the most in µTorrent: sorting torrents (the way I want it).

(I could care less about seeing what was added last for example.)

I'm not talking about giving them a priority number, assuming that's what the current # column does.

(I simply force start torrents myself.)

I'd like:

1] to be able to move all torrents up and down, at the moment that's only possible for qued and downloading torrents.

2] a (optional) tracker column displaying the tracker url (or first part of it)

3] a (optional) custom column where you can label a torrent.

1] is found in many clients, 2] and 3] in Azureus.

1] combined with 2] (or 3]) enables grouping torrents by tracker.

I would use 3] to add a label showing the tracker, so if 2] is implemented, 3] would be obsolete for me. Although for some people, even then it will be usefull, organizing torrents by content for example or distinguishing torrents they've uploaded themself from other torrents.

As these features just give more options displaying the torrents and are all optional (just turn those columns off if you don't need them) I can't think of any arguements against them.

I know nothing about programming, but I don't think those features are hard to implement or consume much memory and CPU (if any).

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