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  1. ive modified my script to follow the rules of Icedog's guide, it now does all the math for you My Script
  2. BSH, looks way too much like the Gnome logo
  3. naw "we are µTorrent resistance is futile" version of tribal guy, doesnt do it for me
  4. i decided to have a little dabble at moding shrill's logo instead of 1 color its 2 colors
  5. if uT gets popular enough, im sure someone will start a cafepress to get tshirts made, untill then, more color is needed, hehe red hair, yellow (off green) feet are okay, but red spear/sword is too stand outish
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    tojobo that deosnt always get them right, also for me its slow
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    Great programs you use

    Windows: Web - Firefox 1.5RC1, IE7 Emails - N/A IM - N/A VoIP - N/A IRC - mIRC with NNScript (only when needed) CDBurning - Nero6 Enterprise Unzipping - 7Zip, WinRAR Picture Editing - Photoshop CS2 AV - ClamAV+WinPooch FTP - CoreFTP Music - Winamp 5.1.11 Movie - VLC Linux: Web: Firefox (Trunk), Opera 8.50 Video - VLC, Googles (ogle) IM - Gaim+Gfire IRC - Xchat + xlack VoIP - TS2 Music - XXMS Unzip - UnRAR, Tar Picture edit - GIMP + GiMPshop CD burning - Nautulis Burn AV - ClamAV FTP - gFTP Email - Thunderbird (Trunk) think thats everything