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Maximum Total Transfer Rate


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I believe that under the Connections settings, there should be an option for Maximum Total Transfer Rate

What this does is automatically adjusts upload speed once download speed exceeds this max total transfer rate minus the maximum upload rate. This would put less strain on total network resources.

For example:

Max_DL_Rate: 240

Max_UL_Rate: 120

Max_Total_Rate: 300

(Obviously, these are pseudovariables)

What this feature would do is once the DL rate exceeds 180 (Max_Total_Rate - Max_UL_Rate = 300 - 120), it automatically adjusts the maximum upload rate so that it does not exceed total transfer of 300 (Max_Total_Rate - CURRENT_DL_RATE).

This could also be done in quanta; in other words it adjusts by, say, 10% decrease in maximum upload rate and adds/subtracts based on the current download rate...

There are, obviously, various methods of implementation... that's up to your discretion as always ^_^

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