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Help Please THANKS!


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so im kinda familiar with utorrent and just recently i have not been able to get even 1kbs, as in SLOW. i usually get around average fo 120 or so. weirdest thing is the green checkmark icon is shown so it cant be a port problem. and the firewall is turned off. also limewire works fine, and i dont use the two programs at the same time so.........any advice would help im STUCK!!!!!! oh and i allow uploaders 18kbs so...........couldnt be that im being stingy lol

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Hi, this is a troubleshooting issue. Info such as

Windows/Wine/Cedega version

TCPIP.SYS patch?

net.max_halfopen setting

bandwidth settings

# of seeds/peers *active* on the torrent that's going so slowly.

This sounds like a case of not enough fast seeds/peers, which µTorrent can't do anything about.

Have you tried this torrent yet to check your speed?


Good luck!

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If your upload bandwidth is only 128 kilobits/sec, you may be allowing uploaders too many KB/sec.

...Try lowering upload speed to only 13 KB/sec and see if that speeds up your download.

You also should only be running 1 or 2 torrents at a time with that kind of upload speed, and no more than 6 TOTAL upload slots.

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