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Too many seeds

Eric the Grey

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I've got a strange configuration problem with uTorrent and I cannot find a solution in the FAQ or the forum search.

Under Queuing, I've set the maximum number of torrents to 6, with maximum number of downloads to 3. However, I tend to end up with 3 downloads, and everything else that is still active seeding. Currently, I have 5 active seeds, with nothing sitting as queued seed.

Is there any way to force uTorrent to keep this setting correctly? I do wish to keep seeds going until they reach the limit (I usually seed to at least 2.0 unless there are no more peers to see to) but I really don't want them all seeding full-time like this because I have several other computers in the house that share my DSL connection.

:cool: Eric the Grey

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Are you using Forced start for any of those torrents?

They would be overriding your queued settings if you do.

Also, if they are uploading at 1 KB/sec or less then they don't count against the limit. ...there's an advanced feature you can change to prevent that though.

...there's also a similar feature for downloads going to slow not counting against the max torrent limit. You may want to disable that as well.

What Speed Guide (CTRL+G) settings are you using?

There may be some other things you can do to minimize effects on others who are using the same DSL.

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