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resume is now kind of broken on utorrent


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Utorrent can't resume partial downloads from Linux clients.

In particular I can't resume with utorrent partial downloads produced by the Linux client "btdownload".

This used to work on the previous version of utorrent and it does

work on other Windows clients.

Utorrent just resumes a tiny portion of the partial download

(<1%) and other Windows clients resume the whole thing.

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Hello, i have a similar problem and maybe it's because i'm not very aware of the capabilities of µtorrent.

When downloading a file, µtorrent saves the "complete size" of the file instantly, even if i still didn't start actually downloading right ? To prevent downloading on a disk that lacks space i presume ?

Anyway, i had all these almost complete downloads on a 40gb hard drive + the their respective .torrent files. And i transfered the hard drive on another computer(just plugged that hard drive in. The old computer is now formated and so unusable.

Anyway, i have my hard drive with all these almost complete files(as i saw last time i turned µtorrent on, on the other computer). And now that i turn it on here, on this computer, i clicked on all .torrent files, then chose the directory where all my partially finished downloaded files are and he starts them all from the beginning. It does not continue, it restarts all files, although i have them all there.

I think this is because the file size is already "complete" but i was sure i could resume anyway, thinking the program would "detect" the "parts" i still don't have.

I did this once on another bittorrent client who doesn't put directly the "whole" size on the hard drive and it resumed perfectly.

Now, my question is : Is this client supposed to be able to resume, even if the files are already "size complete" and if i use them on another computer ? Or do i "have" to use the first computer(wich is now impossible as it's formated)?

II'm not sure you understand what i mean but i hope you'll be able to guess what i'm trying to say :/

Thank you very much.


(I'm On Windows 2000 SP4)

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Thanks Ultima, i'm sorry if i ate some of your time. I looked around in this forum, you have answered hundreds of messages ! Must be very annoying...

Anyway, tryed the select new location thing and it doesn't work for my old torrent(it puts me to 0.0% of download for a file that was at 80%. But, the other way round works fine. I chose back the new folder(yeah i started downloading everything again), and there he loads it to 4%, wich is what i'v downloaded this second time for that file).

The renaming process isn't necessary as they kept the original name (.AVI, .ZIP, etc...).

It seems this computer doesn't like the files i had on that hard drive as it doesn't want to resume them. And, it doesn't want to use my .torrents i had ether. I had to search for all the .torrents again cuz mine don't work anymore. I just downloaded the same ones all over again, and these (same) newly downloaded torrents work perfectly.

Ah well, next time i'll think twice before changing PC with unfinished downloads.

Thanks again.


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Force Recheck, Force Download. Change Location. Nore my .torrents, nore µtorrent worked with my "old" matérial.

Actually, the first thing i did, was to plug the drive, move it all to my local hard drives. Unplug the old drive. Check if everything was there by looking into the folder size and item count.

Then selected all .torrents at once. "Enter".

When µtorrent askes where to put them, i choose the folder where everything is and then press OK.

I did this for every .torrent.

I know i chose the right folder as nothing was downloaded elsewhere and rechecked several times to see if it was the right one.

Then, i watch if the torrents resume, but they don't. Instead, almost(1-2 actually did work) all of them are with a red arrow. I so check my port via the web, it's good. I check firewall and realise i still didn't install it(i'm on windows 2000 SP4, no Microsoft Firewall installed).

Then i come here, check this forum and a bit of the faq and find this post. Then i try your advise with the relocalise thing and it doesn't work ether. So i download "1" .torrent again to see if this "identic" copy of another i have works. And it does.

So i search all .torrents again and restart the manoeuvre. They all work perfectly.

So i decide to just start downloading everything again and stop waisting time lol

This resumes in the large lines what i did.


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