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Low speeds with 2.2mb Adsl. HELP


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i am currently using utorrent with an 2.2mb adsl connection (30 contention).

i have run through the speed setup but i can not get more than 5-10kB/sec even though there are 1500 seeds on the torrent i am downloading. have done the "test if port is forwarded properly" and that was fine. i just dont know what is wrong what sort of speed am i supposed to get? 5-10 seems very low. i have had 25-30 before.

my broadband router is am BT voyager 105 i have been trying to forward a port but can not find my model router on the website? win xp 2sp. have run the EvID4226patch as well. please help thank you.

(my subscription to McAfee ended a couple of days ago so i use Avast4 now can that have something to do with it?)


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