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Inactive downloads.


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It depends on why it's inactive.

Click on the torrent and then click the general tab at the middle-left.

What's the tracker status?

Has the torrent EVER been active?

Have you ever downloaded any part of it?

Do you have other torrents that are active?

Do you have too many active at once?

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I've Downloaded Utorrent Earlier Today And I've Spend At Least 2 Hours Trying To Download Anything At All. Everything Is Turned To Inactive, Infact I've Never Had An Active Download.

I Have A Mac And I Downloaded The Utorrent Mac Version Right? Right. I've Tried MiniNova, I Tried One's With Lots Of Seeds And Few Leechers, I've Tried Ones With Little Seeds And No Leechers. I've Messed Around With Every Possible Button.

Help Me Plz.

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