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My browser/instand messaging etc. won't run alongside utorrent...


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I recently messed around with my utorrent settings to speed up my downloads and uploads. I am now uploading at 63kB/s pretty much all the time, and my download speed has gone up to 250kB/s, although I only made these changes yesterday, so it might be able to go faster.

My problem is that when I first start utorrent, I can't use my browser or AIM or any other program that uses my connection anymore, with a few exceptions. There are still certain moment where it lets me, but then it is very slow, and only lets me for a few minutes.

I ran a bandwidth test and my maximum download speed usually comes out to about 3500kb/s and my upload to 650kb/s.

These are the settings i modified in utorrent:

-Changed global maximum upload rate to 63

-Global maximum number of connections to 666

-Maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 80

-Number of upload slots per torrent to 14

also changed the following in the advanced tab:

-Net.max_halfopen value to *40

-Peer.disconnect_innactive_interval to *600

That's everything I can think of. If any of you can recognize a problem in my settings or maybe think of something else, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Unless you're only running 1 or 2 torrents at once, your upload slots are set too high by far. Even with just 1 torrent, you'd be better off with a lower upload slot setting (like 6-8) and use more upload slots if <90% upload speed checked.

You may be allowing too many global connections. Try reducing that to 200 or even down under 100.

Your Net.max_halfopen value is almost certainly too high. Even if you patch WIN XP SP2's limit to 50 or more, other things (such as software firewalls and hardware routers) cannot handle/sustain such connection speeds. You will probably see 4226 error messages if you know where to look for them.

Increasing the Peer.disconnect_innactive_interval value may also aggrevate the problem/s caused by a high Net.max_halfopen value and high global connections.

After all torrents are downloading, you can make µTorrent upload a little faster using the alternate upload rate. Even setting it as high as 70 KB/sec may not have an effect on your web surfing if the other problems are resolved.

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Allright, it seems to be working better now. I had just configured everything according to that mini guide somewhere in this forum, cause my torrents were coming down so slowly, but they're actually just about as fast this way. It's probably cause my router is weird and it took me a while to figure out how to forward my ports that it was being slow. Thanks for the help.

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