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net.low_cpu good or bad?


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I have a machine running uTorrent that has a 400mhz processor and 384mb RAM. Now before, no matter what I did, uTorrent didn't seem to want to max out my speed, so I figured to maybe try setting net.low_cpu, to see what happens, but was weary at first, because I always hear bad things about it like it will actually slow you down. I set it though, and now it's like I am getting much more speed and maxing out more easily. Why is this? I thought net.low_cpu normally slows you down not speeds you up.

It seems to even be friendly on my whole network. It downloads nice and fast but doesn't make webpages download all slow. I had the upload limited before, and limited global connections to 150 because of my router, so why is net.low_cpu helping so much?

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