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uTorrent slower then Bittornado?


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I recently got uTorrent and find it to be slower then BT. Anyways I have the port opened its configured fine and my upload speed is fine. All the same settings I used for BT but this just goes slower! Anyone know the problem? I've turned that windows firewall thingy off in the services and I dont have windows firewall going. I do have a router but the port is forwarded because I get download speeds up to 130kbps. Normally my bleach went in the 200's easily but now its struggling to get 100kbps.

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Such tests are very hard to do and even when they seem obvious they're often inconclusive.

Are you dealing with the same set of peers/seeds on the torrent you downloaded?

Did you know you can't just start the torrent again from 0% because the previous peers/seeds still have your ip and may treat you differently than a new ip they haven't seen before?

Now if you consistantly got 200+ KB/sec from one and <20 KB/sec from another then you may be on to something...but even then you have to rule out other variables. One firewalled and one not is a big difference! On the torrent you mentioned, that might not matter much...but on marginal torrents being unfirewalled can be the major thing that allows you to complete the torrent while faster peers fail to finish because they're firewalled...unless you seed to them!

BitTornado is considerably easier to configure than µTorrent, so less is likely to go wrong.

You could argue that "out of the box" BitTornado is faster -- but anyone who uses default settings with either program is really doing almost as much harm as good. (no upload speed limit, lots of upload slots, lots of connections...)

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