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optimal settings for xx/4Mbit


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i wasn't sure where to put this, so move it if necessary

basicly, shortly my internet is getting upgraded from 1mb - 4mb, so i had a look at the speed guide... and there's no entry, so can someone help, find the optimum settings for xx/4Mbit?

while im posting here just want to ask a quick question, when downloading torrents from Mininova.org tracker and Eztvefnet.org torrents, the maximum speed i seem to be able to get around 20Kbs(1 torrent) then 10Kbs(2 torrents) and so on, at xx/1Mbit on the speed guide... but when i toggle around with them and start downloading 10+(at my own ub3r, full stess settings) torrents, i am able to hit 100Kbs+... is this normal? i realize that it could have a lot to do with torrent age, seeds and peers, but seems a bit weird to me:)

TY in advance

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