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Slow downloads (less than 3kbps)


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I have been using BitLord for months successfully with good download speeds. Suddenly a few weeks ago the speed fell to less than 1kbps. I fiddled with all the settings, made sure the ports were forwarded correctly but nothing helped. I changed to BitTorrent but no better. Now with uTorrent they are running slightly better but not much. I have speed tested my connection and it's 1.5M down 0.2M up, I am finding lots of seeds, and my firewall is definately setup correctly. Could my ISP be blocking my downloads? Incidentally Shareaza is working a lot better, sometimes up to 40kbps.

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[23:45:20] * IP range : -

[23:45:20] * Network name : OPAL-DSL

[23:45:20] * Infos : Opal Telecom DSL Network

[23:45:20] * Country : United Kingdom (GB)

[23:45:21] * Abuse E-mail : pmagill@opaltelecom.co.uk

[23:45:21] * Source : RIPE

That's the information I got when I looked up your IP range. Do some Googling and see if they filter or block BitTorrent traffic.

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