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strange .. but true !!


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hi guys !

firstly , awesome forum !

now for my problem :-)

i am from india , i have the BSNL broadband connection , 256kbps

i am using a modem given by the BSNL , "dare global" is its company name

and LINKSYS WRT54G wireless G broadband router v5

i had been experiencing , connection problems since last 10 days , i e , the link in modem disappears and then sometimes takes an hour , 2 or many more to come back and reconnect .

i filed a complaint in the company and they reinstalled a new wire directly to my room , but still the problem is persisiting , although its better now

but for the last week or so , i have been having torrent problems , e.g today in the morning when i connected utorrent , i got a green signal from and the downloads started quickly and reached levels of 30 - 32 kbps , download rate , which is what i normally used to get on utorrent

but after a couple of hours , the green signal turns to yellow and the download rate drops to 2 - 3 kbps sometimes , but remains under 10 !!

sometimes i even get a green signal , but the download rates dont seem to improve !! and all this has been happening since last few days only and before that , whenever i used get a connection , utorrent used to work smoothly!

i have read around in the forum and tried all that has been suggested , including open office , which gives me a download rate of aroung 32 even when torrent gives a red signal !

please help , tried evrything which i read here but it doesnt seem to help

and if i download a file , say from a website , it downloads @ 30 to 40 kbps and at the same time torrent is stuck at 2-3 kbps !!

also , after a few hours , the files icon turns red and it say "offline (timed out )" or " connection close by peer "

please help ................... :-(

here r a few screen shots :


after 30 mins , a spike :


after almost an hour : yellow alert


then i turned off torrent and switched it after 10 min and got the GREEN signal back and did the speedtest : i was getting absurdly high values , i guess this was closest to what i have experienced on utorrent :


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upload isnt too much , say aound 7to 8 kbps , so used to set it to a max of 7 or 6 and that gace me download rates of aroung 30 - 32 kbps as shown by openoffice !

according to speedguide ,

global connections 200

connection per torrent 50

upload slots 4

max active download 5

max active torrent 8

AND its gves the upload as unlimited initially !

even if i set the upload to unlimited , it doesnt fo above 7 -8 avg

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There's almost no point in running so many active torrents at once if you max out your download at 30 KB/sec each. Reduce your active torrents to 3 tops...and really it should only be 1 at a time!

Each upload slot needs to get at least 1 KB/sec at absolute minimum. But with 4 upload slots per torrent and 8 max active torrents means 32 total upload slots...you'd need 32 KB/sec upload speed minimum for that and preferably 100 KB/sec so each gets 3 KB/sec each.

Try these settings instead:

global connections: 70

connection per torrent: 40

upload slots: 3

max active download: 1

max active torrent: 2

upload speed: 6 KB/sec -- alternate upload speed while not downloading: 7 KB/sec

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actually , i try to run just 1 torrent at a time

i am changing the settings to the ones u have suggested

any other changes ? i have all default settings at the moment cause i tried changing evrything and nothing worked , so came back to default

one more thing , today morning for like 30 min i was getting aroung 30 -32 kbps download on my original settings and then it just dropped !! and even though it is downloading @3-4 kbps , it slows my browsing speed too !!

i will try out the setting sthat u have suggested , thanks for helping , really appreciate it !


Post 2

tried the settings that u had suggested , but still no improvement .. besides a little spike that took the download to above 10 once , its been somewhere between 2 to 6 kbps !

the thing is that when i download some file from a website , it downloads @30 to 40 kbps , but when i switch on torrent , it becomes very very low and it has been behaving like this since last week and before that it was great !

please help


Post 3

ok , after a few hours , the download rate was picking up and heading towards the 20 s and then the green signal turned to yellow and the rate dropped to 2- 3 kbps :-(

cant understand why this is happening cause a week ago , everything was fine !

please , anyone , moderators ..... help !!


Post 4

here is a screenshot , u can see that a spike of 29 and then .... back to 3 -4 : is it my ISP that has the problem ??



Post 5

so , i tried openoffice and suddenly u see the graph going up , up , up !!


(Ultima): Hm, guess what the Edit link is for?

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I can barely see anything at all on the speed graphs in your screenshots.

And what I'm really wanting to know...does upload speed take a nosedive at the same moment that download speed does?

My guess is you have a 256k down and 64k up connection. This really puts a crimp on file-sharing, because upload max is so low. You may have to settle for running only 1 torrent at a time with an upload speed of 5 KB/sec...and never get over 30 KB/sec download as a result of that. But going up to 30 KB/sec and staying typically above 20 KB/sec is certainly preferable to what you're currently getting!

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the upload is so low as it is that u cant really call it a nosedive !!

its max is around 7 -8 kbps , if i leave the upload as "unlimited" , so i guess u r right about my connection , must be a 256k down and 64 k up !!

good news is that as write this , the download is back up in the 30 -32 range , lets see how long it lasts .

i think its because of my lame ISP and i think its not giving me a stable bandwidth at the moment , thats the only reason i can think of now after trying everything !

cause the same isp was pretty good a week back ... and since then i had not changed any settings any where , so must be the ISP !!

what do u think ? any suggestions ?

thanks again for replying

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Never leave your upload speed at unlimited. It's bad enough with higher upload bandwidths to run unlimited...but the lower it gets, the worse it impacts your download speed uploading too fast.

Try upload speed as low as 4 KB/sec -- and alternate upload speed while not downloading of 6 to 7 KB/sec.

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