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Complete crash (restart) on XP when using uTorrent


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I'm experiencing lot of problems downloading torrents..

I used to have ABC, now I switched to uTorrent.. when I run of of these software my computer crashed hard..

(uTorrent is just MUCH faster then ABC and consumes a lot less CPU)

Often there isn't even a blue screen just a full restart of my computer after download some time..

It only happens when I run uTorrent or ABC..

My specs:


pentium 4

512 mb ram

XP pro sp2 with all updates

Tried disabling AVG but did not make any difference. Also after the crashed I formated my computer then installed all usual software and uTorrent again.. did not make any difference..

I've had seen a blue screen sometimes and I got NDIS.sys error (irq less then equal or something) I've searched on this error saw a lot of people had same with other softwares like eMule... I tried lot of solution but never find anything..

Does anybody know a good solution?


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To resolve this issue:

1. Disable all third-party filter drivers, such as backup programs, virus scanning programs, and disk utilities.

2. Make sure that you are using hardware that appears on the Windows Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). To view the latest Windows HCL, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

http://www.microsoft.com/hwdq/hcl/ (http://www.microsoft.com/hwdq/hcl/)

Disable my virus scanner.. yeah Microsoft really gives usefull tips :S

You said reinstall nic card's drivers..

what is NIC card? Network card? Sound card?



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