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Router problem with webui?


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I know there are tons of helps regarding this but couldn't find one that specifically dealt with my problem.

If I had double posted, I apologize and hope you can redirect me to the appropriate post.

This is my problem:

Using a DI-524 router with a bridged mode DSL-500T modem. Using Firefox 2.0 for all computers. I run no software firewalls.

I have two computers connected to it, a wired desktop (running utorrent) and a wireless laptop.

I have UPnP enabled (along with the UPnP user interface) and it has no problems as it appears to be able to connect and listen.

I have not enabled the alternate port option so it should be listening to utorrent's port.

When I use the wireless laptop to connect to the wired desktop's webui using its lan ip and utorrent port, no problems are encountered and I can monitor/add torrents so I assume that I got all my port forward settings correct. I used the format http://IP:PORT/gui and then entered the username and password there.

I then try to connect to it from my office using the same format. It tells me the 'server is taking too long to respond' thus I suspect either UPnP is not working (though I don't understand why it shouldn't since utorrent is still running and listening on that port anyhow) or there is something else blocking it.

As I had limited time to do testing before I had to rush off to work, I didn't try disabling Discard WAN IP ping and DoS protection. Would doing this have any bearing on the webui?

On the other hand, when I use an encrypted VPN (relakks) from my home computer (with the same router/modem), I can access it remotely from my office using the IP given by my vpn to my home computer and manage my torrents as normal. The VPN does state that my firewalls won't work because of the encryption blah blah blah...so I don't know, seems to be a firewall problem but don't quite understand why a more complicated setup with VPN will work while a basic one won't.

Would appreciate any help you can provide me. Thanks!

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I had a similar problem accessing the webUI from the office and I just changed the alternate listening port to 80. I assume it was something to do with the way the office server allows port access and as I could access the Internet I thought using port 80 for the webUI might let me through...and it did.

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