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tracker offline?


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yesterday starts to happen something strange.

i download a torrent in the night and i leave it all night, in the morning i see that i download a percentage (34%) but now it appears that tracker its offline and still downloading (at this i consider that maybe the server its down, bla bla, still downloading cause the dht, bla, bla, but i dont know why if its a private tracker)

i made a ping and no response 100% loss packets

BUT if i use the pc of my work it works perfectly, can download and the tracker appears working...

dont know what happen...

win xp home edition sp1

utorrent 1.6 (474)


thanks in advance for ur answers.

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I am having the same problem - my RSS feed does not add the torrents though they are marked on the release data and all of trackers suddenly turn red and are listed as offline - if I restart utorrent everything works for about 10minutes then the same problem.I know the tracker is online. Anyhelp would be appreciated. There is a green light on the bottom toolbar stating my connection is ok.

Win XP Home SP2

Router Firewall Dlink DI-624

AVG 7.5

static IP


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