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Cannot connect to seeders


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Well, today was the first that anything has happened. For the past month or so I could download songs, seed, etc.

Today I started downloading a file that had around 3000+ seeders and 800 peers. My download speed was very good averaging out to 150 kB/s. and my upload speed 25-38 kB/s. As I got to the end of the file download (I didn't watch the download at first) but the download speed dropped to 0-0.7% with no seeders connected. So, I decided to delete all of what was downloaded and start over.

The second time around I did watch the download. Same thing happened: good download and upload speed, and towards the end the download speed dropped to 0.3%. What I did notice this time is that I never connected to any of the seeders.

I've switched ports around 3-4 times, all of which are properly forwarded. I have encryption enabled. I just can't connect to any of the seeders no matter what I am downloading.

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