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Newbie - Uploading fast, downloading slow!


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First torrent - and I think it's good...

I did the speed test and it came to around 700 download and around 200 upload..

Port is mapped so I am uploading.

Downloaded around 500mb and as it picked up peers, it speeded up to around 100 and right at the end nearer 300...

I then left it seeding until I had seeded more than 500mb...

I then started another - which was a bit slow to start with... it had 3 or 4 seeders but no peers, and then as peers joined, it speeded up a bit

The Upload was hitting 45 and 50, but the download was only managing around 17... and it went on like this for most of the download. The ratio was 1.1 and crept up to 1.3 and more.

Any ideas - was it just the combination of peers that meant I was uploading at around 2 or 3 times the speed I was downloading..

I do have a screenshot, but it's in Word so I don't know how to post that..

Anything else I could try?


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Can anyone offer any advice...

I have just got another torrent which is slow on the download...

It has currently uploaded 154MB and downloaded 78.5MB with a ratio of 1.973

I have no UP or Down Limits Set.

It has only wasted 1.21MB due to hashfails

I have 20 of 153 Seeds and 14 of 571 Peers.


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