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Port-Forwarding Issue: Unable To Access Router


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- First off, thanks for this great utility! :D

-> I've recently moved into a building that provides DSL for residents, but I don't have permissions/access to the (Netgear FVS318) router in order to create & enable a port-forwarding rule.

As a result, transfer speeds lag tremendously of coarse...just wondering if there's anything more I can do or if it's a lost cause as along as I can't get into the router.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks. :)

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Something I've noticed when trying to seed while firewalled is I couldn't hold onto peers. I'd seldom have more than 5 connections at once, even on a torrent with supposedly 50 peers. The few I have tend to disconnect within 5-10 minutes of making a connection. Usually they reconnect, but not always.

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