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uTorrent on an intel based Mac without Bootcamp or Parallels


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Right i just gave it a shot and it works great, so intel Mac users give this a shot:

run uTorrent native on you intel mac

Make sure you have installed X11 (wich is on your install DVD)

How to : get Darwine here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/darwine/

and mount it the diskimage drag the Darwine folder to your Applications folder

Download uTorrent from here: http://download.utorrent.com/1.6/uTorrent-1.6-install.exe

Double click the installer and away you go !

Running on my MacBook Pro Core2Duo@2.33ghz it takes less then 1% cpu..

Now when you quit the application you can start it again by starting WineHelper.app (in the darwine folder) and then open or ( command+o) select uTorrent in the Program Files and w00t your back again,

Now letting uTorrent save all the data in the right place is your own concern (hint your "Mac" is / )

Screenshot: utorrent.png

The only *bug* I've found is that WineHelper sometimes freezes after uTorrent has started, you can safely force quit it after uTorrent has started.

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Yep, it was reported to be working on CrossOver Office for Mac a while ago, but it's good to hear that it works under Darwine too. What version of Wine is your build of Darwine based on? Is the progress for PowerPC and Intel Macs the same? In other words, whatever works for the Intel ones, do you know if it works for the PowerPC ones as well?

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I'm using Darwine build 0.9.21 but frankley my girlfriend has my PowerBook G4 so I cannot test it if the PPC version also works. So for that maybe someone else can give it a try.

I have also tried the betabuild with the WebUI and it starts up fine, altough I was not able to use it from the webinterface in either Safari of FireFox

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Hm. In CrossOver Office, the settings directory was located at ~/Library/Application Data/Crossover/BOTTLENAME/drive_c/windows/profiles/USERNAME/Applications Data/uTorrent, where BOTTLENAME is the name of the Bottle you are using, and USERNAME is your username on the operating system. Maybe you can try looking around in the Library directory for the Darwine configuration directory? Remember that this is the Library directory for your profile, not for the system. And um, if you can't find it, (if possible) make it so that Finder can see invisible/hidden files -- directories that start with a dot/period are hidden by default, IINM.

Anyway, when you do find the files, you need to drop webui.zip into that directory.

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Ultima, I have installed it according to the README and for those things I'm pretty thorough.

Anyway, Darwine works like this:

When started first time ~/.wine (indeed invisible ;-) ) is made, and the applications are installed in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/

I placed the webui.zip in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/uTorrent/ so that I've done right I believe

I'm quite handy with the commandline interface.

Anyway I dont need the webinterface and uTorrent is fine on my Mac without it. I was just curious if it would work

(curiosity kills the cat, right? )

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Ah, I didn't expect that Darwine behaved in exactly the same way as Wine, so that's why I asked. I guess I'm bugging you because I'm trying to learn more about Darwine. Right now, I have a tutorial down for both Wine and CrossOver Mac (the second link in my signature leads to a CHM user manual for µTorrent that has tutorials for both of them), but I prefer having a more universal method to describe how to use µTorrent on both Mac OS X, Linux, and the *BSDs :P

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Correction on : ~/Library/Application Data/Crossover/BOTTLENAME/drive_c/windows/profiles/USERNAME/Applications Data/uTorrent

This must be : ~/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/BOTTLENAME/drive_c/Program Files/uTorrent

Well this is on CrossOver Alpha3 for OSX

thus uTorrent also works fine in CrossOver I have just found out ;-)

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Ultima, you are right, but then again , I've never worked with Windows let be Wine or CrossOver office, so the good part is uTorrent runs native on an intel Mac, thats for sure, though the WebUI is not a real concern.

If you want me to test a little more please drop me a line .

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Actually, I want to make sure WebUI works on Macs, so if you don't mind, can you check if ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/USERNAME/Applications Data/uTorrent exists, and if it contains settings.dat? If it does, try placing webui.zip in there, and accessing from Firefox :)

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Awesome :)

Have you found any other bugs worth noting? Can you confirm/deny any of these bugs/limitations?

Graphical oddities: There are several oddities in the interface running µTorrent under Wine...

- The µTorrent interface flickers occasionally

- The application icon on the upper-left will not display properly if you allow the window manager to control the window

- The interface sticks out like a sore thumb, with the gray Windows application window background in all its glory

- Icons do not display on tabs, so you'd probably want to disable the relevant option

- Alpha transparency does not work properly, so if you intend on using external interface customization files, you might have to edit them to look "normal" on your operating system

Settings directory: Because Windows environment variables do not apply in alternative operating systems, it naturally follows that %AppData% does not either. You'll find that the µTorrent settings directory is actually located at ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/USERNAME/Applications Data/uTorrent, where USERNAME is your username on the operating system.

.torrent file association: Due to the inability of Wine to map file associations to applications run through Wine, the feature is rendered useless. Check association on startup should be disabled. An alternative method of "emulating" file association would be to use the auto-load torrents feature to tell µTorrent to automatically load files from a directory on your filesystem. In that way, you can simply drag or download .torrent files into that directory, and if µTorrent is running, it will display the Add New Torrent dialog.

Start on system startup: Because alternative operating systems have different methods of booting applications at startup, the usual methods of adding a startup entry in Windows (be it in the Registry, or in the Start menu) won't work. Start µTorrent on system startup should be disabled.

Status bar: Left-clicking on the network status section will not open the Speed Guide. Right-clicking on the download and upload sections of the status bar will not display the corresponding limit-changer menu.

Open Containing Folder / Open File: Because Open Contining Folder attempts to open a Windows Explorer process, and the native Windows Explorer is not present on alternative operating systems, it will open the Wine implementation, which looks unimpressive, and does not work very well. Open on the Files tab will not work, as it will attempt to run a Windows application associated with the file type, but since there are none, it fails. Neither feature should be used when running under Wine.

System tray: The system tray feature has been reported to be flaky under Wine, so if you have issues using it, you should disable all relevant options.

Minimizing bug: If you leave the µTorrent window minimized, you'll find that the window is blank upon restoration.

File selection: Selecting/deselecting files does not work when using the checkboxes on the Add New Torrent dialog. You can right-click a file and select/deselect it there.

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So far I haven't really tested it, but all the "bugs" you have mentioned above I can confirm, and I have had one lockup while testing the beta with the webui, I had to force quit X11 and restart the application.

So I can say, if you like uTorrent its very usable on an intel Mac but whan you want to have a "doubleclick" application this is not for you. It certainly needs a lot more development under Darwine to get seemless integration of windows application in your OSX enviroment.

The big advantage of uTorrent is that its very low on resources and ram usage compared to for instance Azureus.

People who hate Azureus because of being a resources hog will have a very nice alternative with uTorrent.

IMHO there are only a few decent torrent clients for OSX wich are: the original Bittorrent.app, Azureus.app and now for intel Mac uTorrent. All other clients I have tried are either too agressive to trackers or are just nor configureable enough for my needs.

I think the webui is a very nice feature !

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I have a little problem

I can´t download Darwine in the web site there are a mistake can somebody help me?,

I have been using PC for almost all my life and now I change to MAC, is hard to use it when you dont know it..

So how can I use Utorrents with my computer

Sorry for my english!


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I need some help.

I installed Darwine, but when I want to run utorrent.exe I get a message:

You cannot open the application, because its not supported on this system.

The same error appears when I want o run WineHelper.app

I have Intel based MacBook PRO and Darwine_ppc-0.9.27

Can anyone help me....:(

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Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but it seems pertinent.

I'm running uTorrent using X11 and the Winehelper on an Intel Mac, with no problems apart from setting up the WebGUI.

When I try to go to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/USERNAME/Applications Data/uTorrent, there is no Applications Data folder in my username folder.

However the Program Files folder does contain settings.dat, but unsurprisingly webgui doesn't work when the zip file is placed in there.

Can anybody help with this? As I've been writing this post, it occured to me that perhaps Darwine should be installed in ~Applications and not /Applications. I'm not at my Mac to test that at the moment - would it make a difference?

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