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it just stops.


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my english is not very good so i try to explain this as simple as possible. i tried googling this but i'm not sure what i'm looking for and i got lost.

i'm using utorrent. cable. win98. no firewalls.

some torrents are fine. but there are some whose speed drop to 0 after a while and the internet connection is lost (and to get it back i need to restart the modem).

what is causing this? and how can i fix this problem?

thank you for your help. this is really drives me crazy.


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i do need help after all. i don't get many of the things posted in that link i'm sorry.

i have to say i configurated uTorrent wit help from this blog before i poted this topic, and then i fixed some settings after reading that. for example the resolving IPs thing which i turned off.

it didn't help me. again i am getting disconnected. what i am doing wrong?


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yes i have win98. i will be using winxp in a while but i have to say that one of my friends is experiencing the same on winxp.

this is what i had in preferences:

- global maximum number of connections: 50 (i now lowered to 40)

- maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 24

- number of upload slots per torrent: 2

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