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Er, for further clarification, you need the appropriate encoders installed for it to work. LAME, for example, is one encoder that foobar2000 comes with presets for, but you might need to find the LAME executables yourself and place them in the foobar2000 installation directory yourself, IIRC. Converting to WAV doesn't require an encoder, though.

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I see. I'm with ultima..I don't convert too often, as any conversion will cause some sort of loss in the end product. I usually just start off with 320kbit mp3.

all converters are the same, imo. they all perform (and usually look) the same, so whichever you choose is most likely the best for you. for me I just look at screenshots of the gui and see which one I like the best.

I'm glad you tried google first though. I don't know why kids today are too lazy to search out their problem..

not to say you're a kid though. I use the term to describe all lazy people on the net

and now I'm off to wash dishes........>_<

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