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  1. anoxan

    WebUI v0.315

    mind sending me the torrent for that video of firon? lol I'll play with webui. now that I can
  2. well, I'm happy. as of 464, upnp works for me woot.
  3. upnp problem here as well..: router: linksys befsr41 error 501? edit: I restarted, and now I get error -1.
  4. yeah, no I wasn't asking for a when.. good news on the upnp. if that gets working, I can use the random port option with my router without having to use dmz
  5. hate to be a bother, but any news on a 461 build?
  6. I think I may have a problem.. red light, yet I'm connected to so many people, and my dl speed seems normal. it didn't do this in 1.5, so I'll see if going back to 1.5 fixes this anyone else get this?
  7. this may have been said, but I'm experiencing a minor bug in build 458, and thought I'd post here, since I'm too lazy to install irc atm. that said, the network status icon stays red for me. I'm pretty sure it's a glitch, since I'm still uploading at 35kb/s, and downloading at 130kb/s.
  8. raindrops keep fallin on my head...
  9. fail. once again, no µ good for dock though
  10. I hope so.. I can't keep using this µ, you know lol, wee! I got a new car, so I'm a bit talkative ^^;
  11. indeed he was. any chance of you working on another little robot of your own? lol, I just remembered hearing about how nanomachines will work together in a swarm of sorts..
  12. well, it does in my world..neat place, you should visit it sometime. bees look like dots when in a swarm until they're right in your face... not that my opinion matters much, but I think that we've narrowed the logo choice down to three general choices: shrill's tribal guy "micro" gooey's butterfly BSH's bees and their numerous varients thing is, logos aren't supposed to blow your mind away, the product is. logos and names are one in the same. they just have to be unique enough to where people don't have to think when they see it. I mean, next you guys are gonna want a splash maybe the butterfly isn't the best idea if it reminds people of msn. in which case we have BSH and shrill's original ideas. whatever ludde chooses though. he's the only person that was able to pull me away from burst, so I trust his judgement lol and ludde, you have guys like ignorantcow and firon to help you choose yeah, I'm a bit of a scatter-brain at this time of night ^^;
  13. I dunno..a red gradient looks pretty neat. that fractal kicks ass. look at how many different butterfly shapes there are.. and it's so close to an actual migration swarm it's creepy..
  14. a butterfly... light, fast, short life (relation to fast updates), random flight patterns (random peers..?) simple, yet attractive. small..well, some are small. I wonder why there haven't been more butterflies in the mix? oh, and it'd go perfectly resting on the top of ignorantcow's new layout header.. maybe some sort of watermark in the background of the white... I like the tribal guy. if it were chosen it would definitely replace the "µ" image instantly. then again, so would any of BSH's or shrill's submissions. however, from what I've read, ludde wanted a more friendly feel to the logo, and you can't make a bee look friendly without making it look, well, childish. a butterfly accomplishes ludde's goals, and more. I can't really think of the more though, as I'm sufffering from acute insomnia which, as you all know, kinda kills your charisma/reasoning/something I'm oh btw, you all are thinking way too hard on these logos and their interpretations. another thought: µ flag? pay no attention to the last few lines, they're off-topic...maybe edit: oh, and butterflies don't look childish lol