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[Help] Need recommendations..


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Anyone recommend how to set Utorrent so that I can get better speeds? It's staying around the 14kB/s range no matter what torrent I use.... I had way better speeds with BitTornado....

Comp specs

P4 3.0G 630 2MBL2cache S775 EM64T

Kingston DDR400 256*2 512*1 1GB Total

Intel 915P chipset

80GB WD SATAI (20GB)C (20GB)E (40GB)F


40GB Seagate ATA100 (40GB)L

40GB Maxtor ATA 100 (40GB)M Used for Torrents most

160GB Hitachi ATA 100 (160GB)G

160GB Maxtor ATA 100 (160GB)H


D-Link DI-514 Wireless router Port 7000~7005TCP forwarded (already had it forwarded for BitTornado)

ADSL 8192K(8MB)/640K

Utorrent settings right now...

Port 7000

Global Max upload 30kB/s

Alt Max Upload 48kB/s

Global Max Download 0(unlimited)

UPnP port mapping enabled

Global Max Connections 200

Max Peers Per Torrent 200

Upload slots Per Torrent 4

Max Active downloads 6

Max Active torrents 6

Scraping Enabled

Pre-Allocate disk space Not Enabled

Diskio.write_queue_size 32000

Diskio.delay 500

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Now that is a setup to drool over.. Understandable that you're bummed about your speeds.. What status message is displayed in the statusbar? Network OK?

Also, I don't see why this would cause issues, but you're forwarding the ports AND using UPnP.. (UPnP should handle the port forwarding itself)..

Temporarily put your pc in the DMZ to see if its a NAT type error..

There has also been talk about isp BT capping.. Would be sad if your 8Mb connection was subject to that, but you could give bitcomet a go to see if the encrypted BT header option speeds things up

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I'm pretty sure that I'm not capped... was using BitTornado before and got speeds up to the 700s as for the status bar... it says Network OK so... should I unfoward my ports on the router? but I had the ports forwarded and UPnP type1 enabled in BitTornado...


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