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Open torrent's webpage in µtorrent


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Most websites allow commenting the torrents, so what we need is some way to return to that page. i think a feature like this would make it alot easier to find that page again.

i remember years ago when i was using Getright there was a feature that would allow us to open the download's web page by right-clicking the file in the download list. nice feature, it saved me alot of time searching the website again for that file's page.

So i figure its only logical that since µtorrent is itself a download manager in some way, and most torrents are downloaded from a webpage or the rss feed, it would be a great asset to be able to return to that page easilly without having to save the many different urls or bookmarks of each and every torrent or having to use the search engine on the websites to find the torrent's page again. a simple little function to save us quite a bit of work.

µtorrent just has to integrate in the user's browser to catch the clicks on .torrent links.

i think a feature like this if its possible would save us alot of time and work finding the torrent's webpage again and be of great value in µtorrent.

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