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uTorrent quits unexpectedly


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Hello fellas!

Would like to report a bug which is kind of hard to failsearch but I'm suspecting the disk cache.

I'm trying to force a fairly large cache size of 1500 MB (preferrably 3000 MB but it seemed more unstable). Problem is that after a while utorrent quits without any error message in the event log.

I've witnessed the memory usage go as high as 1500 MB without problem. Seems that having it this big and larger for a longer period of time triggers the bug. Every night I set up utorrent to seed 10-15 torrents I wake up and utorrent is no longer running.

Sure I'm using pretty aggressive connection settings since I'm running 100Mbit line. 1000 connections per torrent, 2000 global, 200 upload slots. OS is Win2k3 Ent. Server

Any ideas?


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