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About speed and firewall


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Hi i haven an old server running win 2000 pro SP 2 without firewall as i can see it. Specs are:

Pentium 3 1.600 mhz

256 mb RAM

250 GB HD

108 Wlan Card from SMC

iam on a DSL with a quite fast speed, like 10mbit/2mbit. never the less i have problems seeding properly. in other words i am not faster than 15 kbit/sec and all together 30 kbit/sec for all seedings. That is not fast. Utorrent keeps saying i have problems with an firewall, but i have no firewall. sometime ago i used port 22 and in that regard, the program stated that port 22 was okay. but nevertheless i do not think my ISP is the problem, as they have all the ports open.

what can i do?

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