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Dynamic upload limit per peer


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I have an idea of a feature that could reason the leechers into more sharing.

While downloading an incomplete torrent I usually see, that:

- I upload to peers at huge rates for a long time, while they do not want do share anything to me in return (yes, they have a lot of pieces I want from them, but they are not interested in sending them)

- I download from peers at huge rates while sending them only a few kbps in return, because of total upload limit (yes, I have a lot of pieces they want from me, but there is no bandwidth left for them)

So I as wondering about a setting, that would limit the upload ratio (per each peer separately) to a specific percentage (e.g. 150% seems to be reasonable for me) accordign to what the specific peer has sent me recently. The more he is willing to share with me, the more I am willing to share with him. This would prevent leechers from dowloading from me carelessly and it would benefit those that share.

Another supplementary setting could tell, how much shall I send to those, that are not sending anything back recently, e.g. 5kbps.

As a result of this dynamical limiting of upload would be, that I would send more pieces primarily to those that have sent more pieces to me. And the rest of the swarm (those that are selfish) will be able to use only the rest of my bandwidth.

While typing all of this, I was assuming, that there is usually a big base of 'incompleted' peers and only a few seeders. Also, I was assuming that this could help those, that are unable to receive incoming connections. Finally, my point is that I am not a main seeder - I want to download stuff and I want to be fair while doing so, but that's all I can afford.


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Ironically, part of the reason why there's so much problem is because of BitComet's dynamic upload slot handling...or rather LACK thereof!

Another reason is because many people (using any BitTorrent client) jack their # of active torrents up and lower their upload speed to "compensate"...and may even increase their upload slots per torrent because they think it "helps share more". :mad:

I've seen dynamic upload slots implimented very badly as a beta-tester of it on BearShare about 3 years ago...so until the "teething problems" with such a feature are solved it should DEFINITELY be a feature disabled by default!

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But I was not talking about upload slots at all. The settings concerning upload slots and total upload limits may remain as they are.

I was talking about upload bandwidth distribution. Give more upload bandwidth to those peers, that are sending pieces to me in return.

In general, if there are two peers, the first one is sending me data at 10kbps and the second one is sending me data at 30kbps, then I would like to send more data to the second one and less data to the first one. This should not affect the upload slots at all. Only the amount of transfered data. Unfortunatelly, right now, I see (version 1.6) that I am sending 100kbps to the first one while the second one gets only 9kbps and I can not change it.

Maybe my suggestion was not entirely perfect or clear, but the main idea was to reorganise and prioritize the upload bandwidth a bit.

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i was thinking of something like this:

the ability to set bandwidth priority per torrent is already there but make it an andvanced option so that u can do it per peer, not affecting the down speed cuz if they decide to send more u must give them a chance ;-)

maybe automate it

if not too much hustle

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Already, with priority on a per-torrent level, 2 torrents can be set high and low and end up with the low priority torrent uploading at speeds lower than required to meet the BitTorrent Protocol standards. Any additional artificial controls (such as priority at the per peer level) would only make it worse.

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