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Proposed change in how "slow ul/dl" is defined/imp


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Hey ludde...

I've been watching my performance lately, and have come to the conclusion that we really need to be able to define just what a slow ul or dl is for us.

Currently, you have it at less than 1kB/s... for my configuration this is too low.

I had a couple of different suggestions in how this could be addressed.

One would be based on 50% of what our speed cap is at the time, taking the schedule into account, but this wouldn't address the unlimited (0) setting.

The other, which I think is more feasable, would be to change the existing options. Right now, they're boolean. We could change it to accept a kB/s value. If the value is 0, it is disabled. If it is >0, it is enabled, and that value is the slow threshold, or the current speed cap, whichever is lower.

This way, if we have 3 or 4 .torrents moving along at a trickle, and we still have a lot of available bandwidth, µTorrent will continue activating more .torrents/connections as long as we have bandwidth available for them.

I'm just finding 1kB/s too low.

-- Smoovious

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