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Packet Shaping


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my university from january 1st has been employing a packet shaper ... this throttles bittorrent traffic naturally

now i have the same on my cable connection from home.. utorrent's encryption easily beats it (shaw cable canada)

i played around with all the utorrent settings and most forum suggestions.. but nothing seems to work..

i connect to all the seeds.. i can even download from all of them.. but the overall speed is very poor... even on dec 31st i was able to download as fast as 9-10 MB/s... now im lucky if i hit 1 MB/s (yes its a .edu connection)... as for upload, before it used to be 9-10 MB/s upload too... now i barely hit 100 kB/s (which makes it harder to keep the ratio)

i was just wondering if there is any way around it.. or any other client which can circumvent the packet shaping

any help or recommendations will be highly appreciated

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