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multiple crashes


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I had yesterday installed Utorrent, because I heard that it was a just easy and very good program.

First I had no problems and everything went fine, suddenly I get those crashes and I have looked in the faq and in this forum and heard that it could be my virus scanner (norman anti virus), but why? I've made a configuration in norman, so he wouldn't look at the folder: c:\program files\Utorrent, it would just ignore everything from it. Still the I get the crashes, but yesterday it worked fine.....

Why do i get those crashes? it not an option to work without virus scan(why do you think I paid for it?) an other virus scan.... why it doesn't work whit norman anti virus, in the faq it doesn't say something about norman antivirus, only about the norman firewall... what I don't use.

What do I need to do to stop those crashes?

The following things I tried:

- download and install it again.

- let norman ignore it.

- search on this forum and looked in the faq.


I just had a other crash (second time a had this fault, the first one was 2 hours ago)


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Y, i'm dutch, but if the upload settings arent set good, then i had al slow internet problem or something like that, no crashes i think. I will add also that directory.. AND the settings are the settings that utorrent recommended by my upload connection...

I have lowerd the max active torrents to 5 (what utorrent recommeded and what i had changed before)

I've just started utorrent and have set the following directory's in norman:

C:\Documents and Settings\myusrname\Application Data\uTorrent

C:\Program Files\Utorrent


Maybe its an option to add the directory where the downloads are put in to...... my download map.

Also i think that norman is the problem, because i have uninstalled utorrent then cleaned my whole pc:

1. Disk cleaner

2. ccleaner

3. Tuned the pc and cleaned him whit tune up utilities 2006

4. Hitmanpro2 (in save modes)

5. defragmentation (second time in save modes)

In that order... , I had done this yesterday night and today i tried if that made a change to utorrent so i installed it and started it, same error that i had before, the one from the screenshot.


Till now no problems found

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...? You think the problem is Norman, or µTorrent...?

Anyhow, any amount of Registry "cleaning" and "tuning up" of your Windows installation won't get rid of software incompatibilities. If you want to say the problem is µTorrent for sure, then you have to be able to say that µTorrent still causes a problem without the other suspected software installed. Why doesn't it conflict with Azureus? I don't know, but µTorrent isn't Azureus, so you can't expect it to behave exactly like Azureus, so Norman won't always apply the same (heuristic?) detection rules on both clients, for example.

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