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uT v1.6 will go really fast then slow down to a crawl, HELP!?


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so i have been using uT for about a year now and it has always worked flawlessly.

This past winter break I downloaded a much larger number of torrents than normal, sometimes having as many as 200+ torrents that were seeding. Everything worked flawlessly and I returned to school.

Now uTorrent will spike up to 300kb/s+ when I first turn it on but then quickly all the remaining torrents (about 5 total) will go to less than 5kb/s. If I then close the application and start it again it will never go over 30-40kb/s.

Uninstalling and reinstalling uTorrent will allow the first initial startup to go to 300kb/s+ but then within a few minutes it will start acting funny again.

I have my ports forwarded correctly and I'm sure that there enough seeders to be maxing out my connection. I am not ruling out the possibility that this is an ISP related issue but it seems unlikely. When this bottleneck happens my router becomes innaccessible for a few minutes. Maybe my router is messed up? Maybe my network? Any suggestions?

Also, when I uninstall uT it still leaves all it's application data behind, maybe thats causing a problem?

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Your upload speed is the bottleneck -- even if only 20 torrents were active at once, just due to the number of upload slots each probably gets...your upload is choked trying to send a packet to each one as fast as it can.

Your connection probably overloads really badly when that occurs, download speeds spike then drop...and nothing short of a reboot/reinstall of µTorrent seems to help.

Try running Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choosing appropriate settings (based on your max UPLOAD speed!) for your connection.

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