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Restarting a download after accidentally deleting the *.torrent file.


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> Can't open torrent file...

I accidentally deleted 1 of my *.torrrent files after downloading 70% of the actual download.

How do I 'restart' things?

I thought I could simply find the original *.torrent and it would continue there... but it doesn't.

I even tried saving the *.torrent file to my torrent-files folder again.

That doesn't work either.

Any ideas?

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IINM, that's up to BitTorrent Inc at this point ;\
Then if they are owned by the same 1 company... why in the world would it be so impossible to add helpful tips to their FAQ.

Look at both quotes and tell me seriously that you're barking up the right tree here. Nowhere did I say they couldn't add it. I was simply saying that none of us here could add it, so unless you can give me the password to the webserver, I suggest you just drop this aimless tangent. By the way, that cheeky "Duh" attitude of yours doesn't make you any more correct (and only makes you look worse, considering how you've already forgotten the counterpoint you were trying to make).

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