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UPLOADING speed problem


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Checked many posts - didn't find any similar to mine... May be it exists - then sorry for duplication of a problem - give a link ))

So the problem is:

When i have µTorrent running and it's speeds(up\dn) are limited (if not - also the same) for half of my capabilities - i still can't get any file to be uploaded by other programs to any server...site....transfered to users...and so on.

For example if i try uploading mp3 file to my site(fast..working server - everything is ok with it) with the help of Total Commander - it starts uploading with my max uploading speed and in 3-5 seconds it slows down to 2-3 kB/s....While µTorrent is limited as i said to the half of my capabilities by uploading in particular(max is 75 - µTorrent limited to 35).

So - if i shut down µTorrent - my uploading begins to speed up...and then goes on full speed.

In a few words: µTorrent slowing down my uploading speed no matter which upload limit is set in µTorrent and is it uploading something at the moment or just announcing.

How to FIGHT that problem???

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