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Connect only to a few seeds


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Sorry for my english, I am from Argentina.

I have 1Mb speed cable connection, and uTorrent only connects to a few seeds that are available; the most trackers are free (no need user/pass), I watch this in the details in www.isohunt.com, site from witch I take the .torrent

I have a print screen of this issue


THANKS in advance.

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I've not understood (my english is so poor).

My setup was 70K Download / 10K Upload

Now I've changed to 65K Download / 15K upload (I need a rest for my wife's PC ;) )

The Speed Guide is a program? I've read the Config Guide and I have the right setings.

I've read in another post that with "Encryption" should download better, or with best speed (I never get 65k in total!!!)

Thanks in advance and sorry again.

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The Speed Guide is the dialog that pops up when you press Ctrl+G in µTorrent. You should be selecting xx/96kbps in the Speed Guide. Once again, you do NOT need to be connecting to every peer, and should NOT be connecting to every peer. By selecting xx/96kbps in the Speed Guide, you will be connecting to even LESS peers than before, but it is a much better setting for your connection.

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I'm having a similar problem - I just downloaded openoffice at 450k (120MB in 5 minutes *grin*) yet other downloads sit there connected to 6(158) seeds and 55(909) peers and come in at about 20k. Changing max global connections, max connected peers per torrent and turning encryption on/off doesnt seem to make any difference.

If I start any more than ONE SINGLE torrent at a time, they choke and I get next to nothing come in (4 torrents sit around 0.2k each)

'Max connected peers per torrent' - does this mean max connections per torrent (seeds & peers) or just peers?

Ultima - you say 'Gongo' is connected to way too many peers - is there a way to limit peer connections and have as many seeds connected as possible?

My connection speed is max/128 and I get about 4100kbit/s down from www.speedtest.net on a local test...

Any help/hints much appreciated.

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If you don't know what your max upload is, then µTorrent is likely not running optimally. µTorrent needs to be set based on your upload speed max (or lower than that) to run well.

Max connections per torrent is probably what's meant. And that's seeds+peers.

It is not uncommon on "ordinary" torrents (which OpenOffice isn't :P) to only be downloading slightly faster than you are uploading. This is because it all has to balance out and many downloaders leave quickly after becoming a seed. The tracker gets a report that they're a seed, but they're already gone and you can't connect to them. :(

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