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Virtual organizational units(e.g folders, directories)


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As I've started to use uTorrent as my primary Torrent application, I've found myself leaving torrents on longer and having more loaded at a time.

A lot of the time I wish I could group certain torrents together for easier viewing in the listview. Currently you may only view torrents sorted by one of the pre-defined fields.

I propose a virtual organizational unit which, such as folders, can contain torrents or other 'folders' within them.

This will advance the user's ability to group and organize the current running torrents.

For example let's say I have uTorrent running with 8 audio files, 3 video files, and 20 text-based documents. It would be great if I could divide my running torrents into these three different types, and then further divide them (e.g the type of audio files) as well.

Another implementation of organizational units can be tags. Allowing a user to assign text tags to each running torrent file, and then list torrents that contain specified tags. In the above situation, one could assign "audio" to each of the audio torrents, and then further divide those audio torrents by adding a secondary tag of "music", or "speech", etc.

Please feel free to provide any feedback.

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1.1.8 already allows for user defined tags, which we call labels. It's a new column and you can easily and quickly define or change the tag of multiple torrents at once.

Good to hear!

Are multiple labels per torrent supported? How is listing/organizing by label(s) implemented?

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