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Erratic Speed


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Hi all, first post!

Right, so I am having some trouble with utorrent obviously. No matter what torrent I try, the download speeds are about 30kbps - 60kbps, with bursts of up to 150kbps. Its very erratic, the speeds bounce back and forth from say 150kbps to 30kbps and then to 60kbps within a minute. My upload speed usually maxes out to whatever I set the bandwidth cap to. I've tried all the generic solutions; scanning my comp for spyware, defraging my hard disk, etc...

Also windows firewall and my router are allowing traffic through the utorrent port. The connection indicator thing in utorrent is always green. Need some help as to how to get faster, more stable speeds. My setup is as follows:

Internet Connection



RATED DOWN SPEED: 3.0mbps (Thats rated, I actually get like 4 mbps... gotta love localized ISP's)

RATED UP SPEED: not sure... but I get around 600 kilobits per second

Router / Firewall


Router: Microsoft MN 500, allowing utorrent traffic

Firewall: Windows XP SP2 Firewall, alowwing utorrent traffic

Utorrent Settings


Download Cap: None

Upload Cap: 50KBps

Encryption: Enabled

Gloabl Max # of connections: 400

Max # of peers per torrent: 100

Upload Slots: 8



CPU: Athlon 64 3000+


Hard Disks: 2 X WD SATAII 160GB in RAID 0 Array... Its dam fast!

Network Card: Intergrated 100/10mbps

OS: Windows XP Home SP2

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Open Office and many torrents on private trackers are TOO well seeded. Your upload speed isn't needed to the point that you're "fighting" with possibly 4-10 other seeds to upload to 1 peer.

Also, if the other end has their upload speed set to "unlimited", they may be experiencing overloads which means they go fast briefly and then slow way down...then burst to higher speeds again, only to slow again. You cannot configure what other people do...basically only your upload speed do you really have much control over.

On decent torrents, you shouldn't need more than 30 connections (PER torrent) to reach 100+ KB/sec download speeds and sustain them. Also, you need to be uploading at a reasonable rate (and have some upload bandwidth left over to maintain download speeds) to encourage other peers to upload back to you.

It really sucks to be downloading at <0.5 KB/sec from someone...the bandwidth overheads at such low speeds actually end up taking more bandwidth than the amount of data transfered! This means having lots of upload slots is bad. Anything more than 1 upload slot per 3 KB/sec of upload speed is slow. More than 1 upload slot per KB/sec of upload speed is simply excessive and wasteful...though your settings don't have that as a problem so long as you're not running more than 3 torrents at once.

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Understood, but it happens to any torrent I try. Can't be a fluke, can It? I've also tried fiddling with my utorrent setings... in speed guide I changed connection type from auto - detect to xx/512kb, it helped my speeds a bit, but not much.

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