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waiting for new version


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As is said many times before and can be found in the FAQ:

Ludde won't be working on the code anymore. He'll stay in the capacity of a Technical Adviser, not a developer. It isn't completely clear when and if the client will be developed further, when a new version will be available and which functions and adjustments are considered. In short, nothing is know for sure and no promises are made.

The new developers haven't shown themselves on this forum that much and an answer from them should not be expected. I suspect from experience here that they won't respond to prods for further answers.

On a personal note I don't think NAT transversal is planned since Port Mapping allows full functionality of utorrent and is a lot safer from a security point of view. And although Port Mapping can be difficult for inexperienced users it is available to pretty much all utorrent users.

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NAT Transversal isn't easy, isn't standardized, it has a lot of different implementations and solutions and isn't easy to code from the start on up. The better methods require one or more servers on the internet to help determine certain things. Even if it was a priority feature it would be a lot of work and probably isn't gonna be the first thing developers new to the code are gonna try.

I know a lot of people 'can't' port map (although its still a small portion of the total user base). But the problem in most of those cases is that you are not allowed to, not because you can't. There is a fat chance if utorrent implements NAT Transversal it'll just get totally blocked/banned from the major networks (universities for instance). I'm not saying this is a reason not to do it. I'm saying you might not be helped in the end after all.

Its a miracle that Google Talk isn't blocked/banned for its NAT Transversal. I guess because it doesn't generate too much traffic and they aren't used for illegitimate means they don't really mind.

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