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I Am Terrible @ Tech, But I Need Help With A Famous Problem


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Yep. I'm a noob, and a stupid one at that. I can't read things as well as others, which makes it very hard to be in generation y....and this is a question that I'm sure has been addressed many times but...

uTorrent is slow. Yes yes I know, blah blah blah...Last night I set it up, since bittorrent had a glitch and crashed, and I was tired of it. It was working super smooth, downloading at about 20kb (that's good in my book), so I left it on, and over the night it got to 39.5 downloaded. Still pretty fast. BUT, it stopped.

I originally put the connection speed, on a hunch, at 256k, but checked it this morning and the check site said I could put it at 512k, which I did. My wireless connection (I don't know where it comes from...) is running from 5.5mbps to 24mbps, and stops at 18 or 11 a lot.

Now what happened last night was that "!" symbol was on the bottom, and I got the uTorrent user manual that claimed it was bad -_- okay, so this morning I was tweaking with it, downloaded UPNP and enabled, still said it was unable to map that port. I turned off my windows firewall, unchecked to add utorrent from the firewall exceptions, cleared peer list, unchecked then checked to randomize each port and unchecked and checked to enable upnp port mapping. It's currently on port 59721, and downloading at a rate of 1.9 and uploading at 0.4....er and now its changed to downloading at 1.7kb/s and uploading at 8.3kb/s


I know that you've all heard this crap before, but I'm begging you, just to humor me? My ADHD makes it hard to pay attention for more than 15 seconds if there are no pretty pictures *rollseyes* I need the idiots guide to life man! I thought that if I put down my info that I could get more personalized help from people who actually know?

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Your wireless is probably a shared resource and someone else may be using most/all of it up.

So run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/96k speed setting.

That should use only about 100 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth at most and download speeds will be whatever you can get.

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