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Help, somebody!


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Overloads can cause a 'firewall-like' condition as who you're connecting to can't tell if you WON'T reply back to them due to a firewall or CAN'T due to an overload.

So...how do you have µTorrent configured and what's the speed of your connection?

(...to rule out possible causes of overloads)

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Hi there!

Thanks for getting back to me.

At the moment it seems to be fine eventhough it's only downloading at 25 kb/s after the nearly 400 this morning.

Not quite sure how my utorrent is configured. How do I find out?

My upload speed is 281 kb/s and download is 1312 kb/s, latency is 90 ms, though this varies a lot.

Is overload caused by too many torrent being downloaded at the same time?

Also, it seems like the whole thing slows down in the afternoon (GMT), is this normal?

Many thanks -Martin.

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