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Download/Upload relationship and an Synchronised connection


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Hi i'm wondering if there is a flaw in the Utorrent software when handling Synchronised connection

ala my 512/512 SDSL.

If i only seed a torrent it can achieve a full 60k/s transfer however

start a download and the upload all but completely stops to 1/4 of my download.

if the download is 2k/s the upload plants itself at 0.5 0.6k/s

40k/s download max 10k/s up

Capping the max global up/down in utorrent makes the situation worse.

Azureus does not have this issue with seeding

even if running at the same time.

(indicating the bandwidth is free and utorrent refuses to use it)

No NAT problems

port 64444: is forwarded on my router

xxx/512k up template was chosen from the Speed Guide

U torrent 1.6

Windows XP

Anyone know the cause?

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