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Don't get any connection to seeders


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I am downloading a file and for the first 27.7% it was going along very fast. up to 1.2Mbps at times. When it got to that percentage, it dropped suddenly and has been downloading the past two days at about 0.5Kbps. Sometimes it goes higher, but usually stays at that or lower. I noticed that the torrent has 887 seeders in it and 2855 leechers. Obviously I'm not connected to anywhere close to all of them, but I did notice that although I am connected to about 100 leechers, I am not connected to any seeders and have not been for the past day at least. I checked my ports and upnp is working fine with my router and I have the little green symbol on my utorrent but it still doesn't work. I've checked my upload settings and download settings and they are all set fine as well. Anybody got any pointers? Thanks in advance

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