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Slow Speeds on College LAN


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-I have tried Ultima's guide and most of the other guides I could get my hands on

-Status is green

-Port Checker says port 37916 is good and forwarding properly

-Speed guide has following settings:

Connection Type xx/128kbps

Upload limit 9kB/s

Connections per torrent 55

Max active torrent 1

Upload slots 3

Connections (global) 80

Max active downloads 1

-Windows XP SP2 with all critical updates

-No software firewall, just hardware firewall in router

-Netgear WGT624v1

-College LAN

-I would assume t(something) but totally unsure

-Compaq Presario Notebook AMD x64 3400+, 1 gig ram, onboard wireless and ethernet adapters

I realize that a college connection is not the ideal situation for torrent downloading, however, I'm getting much slower speeds that both my roomates (using similar Netgear routers) and people connecting from other parts of campus (e.g. 24kB/s with 9 out of 47 seeds being utilized)

Am I not connecting to enough people? Too many?

My speed test results ranged from around 180 after several tests to 325 after several more tests with very few results inbetween

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I know specifically that one roomate is using a similar Netgear router and limits his upload speeds to the xx/64kbps setting. I tried this setting with zero improvement to download speeds. As for bandwidth choking, I doubt that this is the issue since I seem to be the only one with any major downloading going on round the clock. But I can't say for sure about other computers in the same building (I'm not sure how the building network is set up). Occasionally the others will have a torrent up but nothing more than a couple of hours at a time besides seeding.

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