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Downloads get slower and then stop

boba fett

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I have had issues with download speed with most torrents but seem to be getting a good upload speed.

I connect to the internet at a speed of roughly 3.4 Meg. I get download speeds anywhere from 10kbs to 50kbs in general maybe quicker sometimes. My upload speeds generally go up to 25-35 kbs.

I have managed to get download speeds from torrent damage of 300-340 kbs in the last few days. This starts like this for a while, maybe 30 mins to an hours and then gradually gets slower and slower.

After a while this goes down to 1-2 kbs and then stops.

If I leave this a while and then try to restart the torrent it will start download at about 0.7kbs and then stop. This is the same for th upload speed as well.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Have you changed ANY advanced settings?

(if so, how?)

Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/256k setting -- it's the closest match below your observed upload speeds. You might even be able to increase the upload speed slightly to 25 KB/sec...or even higher while just seeding.

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