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Bumping torrents up (or down) in the queueing list


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First of all, I'd like to say that this WebUI tool is very handy and even though it doesn't do everything, it is way better than what any other torrent program offers. uTorrent users should be thankful Ludde is offering anything like this excellent tool!!

Now to my main point.

I may be missing something, but how come when you add torrents you can't bump them up to any other spot in the list other than last? The main reason I will use WebUI is so as soon as torrents get released and I am at work with my laptop, I will add them remotely so they are finished when I get home and I can watch them straight away. Instead of adding them when I get home and waiting a couple of hours. (I know, I know, I'm impatient but what can you do!?!)

So if anybody can advise if i missed something, or is this feature not available yet?

Also, is there a way you can remove columns.

Is there any ETA of when a totally interactive and finalised version of WebUI will be released? Even with a few features at the moment, this tool is excellent! Keep it up guys. :)



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Thanks for the reply,

Yeah I suppose I could stop all the queued donloads also, but that would take a few minutes more.

Another question if I may, how come when I first used this tool, I put in the address bar my 220.152. etc IP and it worked great, but when I tried to use it again the next day it wouldn't work so I tried the 192.168. etc and THEN it worked. note that I was accessing wirelessly from the same router that uTorrent is running on. (for testing purposes before I went to work).

Thanks for all your help and hard work guys (and guys)! :)

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