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None unicode file names inside a torrent


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I was trying to download a torrent when I got the message that the file name, drive or volume referenced are invalid and the download stopped at 0.0%. Upon further investigation, I found out that the files inside the torrent have Arabic characters (actually, apart from the extension, the intire name was in Arabic for the indiividual files). I added Arabic support to Windows XP and made sure the language was installed, but that didn't fix the problem. My rationale behind doing so was that maybe the OS was not able to create the file and that installing the language support would do it, but that didn't help. I'm now downloading the torrent now with Shearaza, so this narrows it down to Utorrent! Also, I got an error earlier when I was trying to download another torrent, with Utorrent complaining that the path was too long. The path was in a sub folder of my documents folder, but the file names in the torrent were a couple of subdirectories deep. Can anything be done about that or is it a limitation of the OS? I don't recall having this sort of problem with any other client. I solved the problem temporarily by downloading into a subdirectory of the root directory on the hard drive.

Let me know if I could be of any further assisence. This, by far, is the best bittorrent client I've ever seen. Love the interface, speed and stability.


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