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Alright; basically what happens is this: when I try to download a torrent file in uTorrent, it downloads, but it basically shuts down my internet connection. I basically have no access at all when uTorrent is on my computer. What's strange is that even after I exit uTorrent, it remains the same. I actually have to uninstall the program to get my internet access back.

I've checked my anti-virus and firewalls, my ports are open, uTorrent is completely unrestricted. I've tried everything suggested in the sticky thread, and I still have the same problems.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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What's the speed of your connection both up and down...and what ISP?

Also, tell us every setting you're using in µTorrent as shown by the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window as well as advanced settings you've changed.

Between all that, there's probably something overloading...reduce the overload and you should be able to web surf while downloading and uploading in µTorrent.

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5545 kb/s download and 883 kb/s upload. My ISP is Insight Communications. In the Speed Guide section, it says "Connection type/768k. Upload limit: 72 kb/s. Upload slots: 5. Connections (per-torrent) 100. Connectoins (global) 450. Max active torrents: 5. Max active downloads: 4.

In preferences/connection, I have "Enable UPnP port mapping" and "Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions" checked. In preferences/bittorrent, I have "Global maximum number of connections" at 450, "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent" at 100, and "number of upload slots per torrent" at 5. I have "Use additional upload slots if speed is >90%" and "Enable DHT network" checked.

Everything else is default. Tried all the things in that link about a week ago, didn't work.

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Try these settings then:

Upload limit: 70 KB/s

Upload slots: 4 (default value)...check use additional upload slots if <90%

Connections (per-torrent) 40

Connections (global) 140

Max active torrents: 4

Max active downloads: 3

Disable DHT network.

Disable UPnP port mapping.

These last 2 are probably the biggest problems, though lots of connections can cause problems too.

I cannot guarentee these settings will make your downloads faster, if anything they may only be downloading half as fast. But it should make your connection more useable while µTorrent is running.

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