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Newbie...Plz help!


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I downloaded what I wanted fine, but I was looking in the log, and it said that there was a failed hash check? I remember reading that you will automatically get banned for these. Can someone please tell me waht a failed hash check is, and how I can prevent this from happening again? I would appreciate it.

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a few failed hash checks aren't any thing you need to worry about in the first place.

some can happen, and µT and the BT protocoll can deal with it without problems.

Those hashfails you see in the log aren't produced by you, but by your peers, so it isn't you that would eventually get banned. And the "ban" is only for the peers connection in the current µT session. it is not a ban with the tracker you might be a member of.

hashfails can happen when the packet gets somehow screwed up on its way from the sender to you, or if the sender (un)intentionaly has changed his copy of the content so the control values aren't matching anymore. Playing an mp3 file for example with the windows mediaplayer changes in some cases the content of the mp3 a bit and this guy will now unknowingly seed data that your µt will report as hashfail.

Edit: tip for next time; try to choose a more specific headline "Newbie...Plz help!" isn't very usefull. "What are hashfails, what do they mean?" would have been in this case for example a better topic.

if you are newbie you might want to read also as a general "how to" this one:

http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#bespecific and the other tips there.

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