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broadband connection drops out with utorrent ... HELP!?!


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i am on an australian isp (iinet) and have a 1.5mb connection, which allows me speeds of up to 150kb/s down (rarely get that through bittorrent though). whenever i start up utorrent (azureus does the same thing) i can usually download great for a certain period of time, after which suddenly my internet connection drops out (the adsl light on the router is off, and takes 2-5min to reconnect), or the router says it's connected but am not getting any action.

if i don't run utorrent at all we have a great connection, sites load fast etc. but whenever utorrent comes on, and i try to view a website at the same time, it will die on me.

i have a d-link DSL-504T (4 port router), no voip, just the router. have a second pc running off another port of the modem, but its rarely on.

if someone could help that would be fantastic.

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